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A Blog About Blogging

A Blog About Blogging

It’s always been an insecurity of mine that I’m not the best writer. I will make attempts at being clever or creative and the result seems to always turn out confusing to the reader. I also have a tendency to oppose anything that most people are doing. In this case, therapists blogging. When I’m reflective about this, these two are related. I probably don’t like the idea of blogging because writing is an insecurity of mine, but I’d really like to be good at. At the same time, it feels like all other therapists are good at it. This drives me to justify criticizing it, which then means I don’t have to do it and my “poor writing” won’t be exposed and I can be a happy therapist “doing my own thing”.

Then I really put on my therapist cap…

The internet has given everyone the ability to have a platform and this isn’t always a great thing. However, if you’re on my website and trying to determine if we’re a good fit, you might have an interest in what I have to say. And you know what, I have some wonderful things to say! It occurred to me that therapist blogs are a way to really get to know how a therapist thinks before you sit down with them. They’ll have an influence on how you think if you work together, so this can be a very helpful tool.

So, as vulnerable as this may be, I’ve discovered that blogging is a great way to let clients get a feel of me before we ever sit down together. This is also an opportunity for me to practice what I preach and do something that is a little outside of my comfort zone that really has purpose. This is a value of mine as a person and clinician, so here goes nothin’! I hope some of these thoughts resonate with you and you’re able to use them in a practical way.

Thank you for reading. 😊

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