About me


I’ve always been drawn towards all things psychological. I want to know what makes people tick and I especially want to know about how and why things may go wrong. I have an interest to understand people regardless of whether I’ve experienced their specific life situations or not, and a keen ability to make others feel comfortable and open up.

I’ve developed a deep understanding of human nature and how difficult life experiences may shape a persons thoughts, emotions, and actions, and I have a passion for being a part of other’s healing journey. I don’t know if many therapists will cop to this, but many of us (myself included) possess a morbid curiosity. This means I’ve spent time exploring those dark and ugly areas of life, and I’m willing to sit with you in yours.

What are you looking for in a therapist?

My values:

Authentic and Genuine- Believe it or not, many of our life’s difficulties are largely due to not living in alignment with our true beliefs and values. There are many reasons why we hide our true selves, but this usually causes us more pain. Do you spend more time being yourself or hiding yourself? Therapy should be a space where you can be free to show all parts of yourself, even the ones you find less likeable. I work hard to create a space where you can feel comfortable “letting it all hang out”, which means I also practice being genuine and authentic with everyone I work with.

Fun and Creativity- If you’re thinking about therapy, there’s a chance you’ve lost some of your joy, spontaneity, and playfulness. Some experiences have a way of beating these out of us, but part of living a fulfilling life means intentionally incorporating these back into our lives, and I think it should start in the therapy room. Yes, therapy is serious and often painful work, but it can be enjoyable and exciting too!

Compassion and non-judgment- Did you know that therapy only really works when you and your therapist actually like talking to each other? The bond that comes from trusting your therapist is only possible when you know your therapist doesn’t judge or criticize you. I won’t focus on what you may do, but what drives what you do. There’s no topic off limits, and nothing I haven’t heard, so try me!

Collaboration- I know a lot about people. Whether you believe it or not, you know a lot about you. I don’t pretend to know everything, and working with me means we both use what we know to help you reach your goals.