Welcome! I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you find something helpful. The purpose of my website is twofold.
To give individuals who are looking for a therapist a feel for what it would be like to work with me. I’m using this space as an extension of the atmosphere you’d have if we were working together. My hope is that this will take some of the guesswork out of the search for finding the right therapist. I’ve been there and I know it can be daunting.

Secondly, this is a personal project of mine. In my life and therapy, I value authenticity and practicing what I preach. That means this site will be a continuous work in progress and will probably never be perfect.  I’m totally ok with that. Perfection is so boring.










What if i don't know what's "wrong with me"?

Therapists usually advertise themselves as having expertise working with specific issues (like Depression, anxiety or Bipolar Disorder). This helps many people find a therapist who can help their specific needs. I’ve noticed that this could make some people feel like you need to know what your diagnosis or “label” is in order to find the right therapist. 

You don’t need to know, and it’s not always a matter of having a diagnosis or searching for one. Not everyone who sees a therapist has to have a mental health diagnosis.

So what do you need to know? 

Something in your life doesn’t feel right.

You really want something (or many things) to change. 

You’re willing to show up

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These are not meant to help you diagnose yourself, only to give a better picture of what you may be experiencing.  If you have questions or concerns, contact a professional.


Diversity, Equality, and Inclusivity statement

In order to provide the best treatment to ALL individuals, I practice the following